What we're all About!

Rooftop Cots started during the Summer of 2014, what would of been a normal day on the beach with the Jeep turned into something even more exciting. The birth of Rooftop Cots was just a place for me to relax on when ever I was hanging out the beach instead of sitting on my sound bar uncomfortably. For me it was something that I could enjoy whenever I wanted. After a while it turned into person after person asking me more and more about it, so came the day I decided to perfect the design and make it available to anyone who would also enjoy it! Now, going to Jeep events whenever possible to show off and let everyone see our product in person is one of our most fun things to do! 


  • Hand-Made and Woven on Long Island, New York 
  • Durable and sturdy. (Long lasting!)
  • Partial sun-shade.
  • Patent Pending Easy-on / Easy-off design!
  • The most comfortable!
  • UV Resistant! aka the color won't fade!
  • Weight rated for 350 lbs!