Some questions we get about Rooftop Cots that might help you out!

- Do Rooftop Cots fit all year Jeep Wranglers?

    - We fit all Wranglers except CJ's due to them not having a roll cage bar. 

    - We also do not fit on new power top Wrangler models ! 

- Is set up easy ?

    - Yes, just attach three straps on each side of roll cage and hook hammock into hooks and tighten straps if needed!

Do you have colors for your Cots?

    - Yes. We currently offer these colors for Cot choices Red, Blue, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Hot Pink, Grey/Silver, Yellow and of course Black.

How long would it take to receive the Cot after I order?

    - As soon as we receive an order we get right to custom making each one so we usually get each regular order out within a week!

 - What does each Rooftop Cot come with?

    - With each order you will receive in the box, (1) Rooftop Cot with rods already assembled, (6) straps with hooks, three for each side of roll cage bar to attach Cot to vehicle.